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THE SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS Interview: Heretical Beings

This article originally appears in Japanese in SHOXX vol. 183, May 2008.

Combining a sound a little different from other bands and the use of instruments that are rare in the visual scene, the band (no, orchestra!?) THE SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS is in the spotlight for their first appearance in this magazine! As they're sure to be a smash hit in 2008, they told us plenty, from how they formed to their next live plans. Now, check them out!

――We've seen you live several times, but since this is the first time we've met face-to-face, please start by introducing yourselves.

JOJO: I'm the vocalist, CAPTAIN JACK O JOESTAR Jr.. Call me JOJO!
DEVIL: I'm guitarist NORTH Mt. THE DEVIL. I go by DEVIL.

ANDY: I'm bassist ANDIANA JOESTAR. Please call me ANDY.
LULU: I play the mandolin; I'm LULU McCUEEN. I go by LULU.
TOM: I'm violinist THOMAS CURLYHAIR. I go by TOM.
JANE: I'm drummer JANE ELIZABETH XIII. Everyone calls me JANE.
DEVIL: We don't care if you call us all by our full names.

――I'll pass (laugh). In any case, how did THE SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS form?
DEVIL: The band was formed around JOJO and ANDY, but it sounds like they started it up thinking about doing something interesting.

――Something interesting?
JOJO: We thought it'd be interesting to integrate Irish music into a band. And we wanted to make a band that had some different component than other bands, so we decided on "pirates" for the band concept, and decided to make the band name something that's censored on the air (laugh).
DEVIL: I was the first to be invited [to join], but they called on me super suddenly. Like "Join!" Oh man, it seems like the other three members were invited that way, too (laugh).

――But it's said that the instruments weren't instruments you could play right away -- that is, the mandolin and the violin.
LULU: That's right. I'd never so much as touched a mandolin (laugh). I told them that I couldn't participate right away and asked them to please wait a while. After that, we decided I'd join, but it took some time before I was used to my instrument. I'd played bass, but I was out of my element, so...
TOM: I'd never played violin, either, and so I immersed myself in practicing every day.
DEVIL: To be honest, it took him at least a year to get accustomed to it.
TOM: Even so, for some reason, they made me take the stage after three months...
Everyone: Hahahaha (laugh).
JANE: I was [already] okay with drums (laugh).

――JANE-san, what led you to join?
I was introduced by someone from a live house. But since there was hardly any information about them, I'd wondered just what the hell kind of people they were. I think both sides were wondering that.
DEVIL: After that, we went to see JANE drum in a session [band], and had him come to see a live of ours and things like that, and little by little it's like our interaction deepened.
JANE: So I joined as support at first, but before I knew it I got roped in and became a member (laugh). But, as for the main reason I joined officially -- it's that I was drawn to JOJO's aura.
DEVIL: Because JOJO's a heretical being. It's really charming. And, speaking of charm, ANDY's is...
JOJO: Does he have any...!?
ANDY: It might be that I'm a decent person.

――People who call themselves decent might just be the only ones who aren't.
ANDY: ......You nailed it (laughs).
DEVIL: What's great about him is that he calls himself good at bass anyway. And, maybe his staging is charming, too. Even with this kind of array of individual instruments, his presence stands out perfectly.
ANDY: But it's not like I move around consciously thinking that I'm going to move. My body just somehow moves of its own accord (laugh).

――I think normally if you consider who moves around [the most] in a band, guitarists come to mind.
DEVIL: That may be so, but I just want to play while preserving the balance with everyone else. I'm sure if my personality was too strong, this band definitely wouldn't hold together well.

――Surely. But still, listening to this kind of conversation has made me want to see you live again. What live plans do you have after this?
JOJO: We're sponsoring a free event at Ikebukuro CYBER on April 29th. We'll present a new song at that time so please look forward to it. Or should I say, be there!!!!

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