Wednesday, August 27, 2014

KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND: 食物連鎖 [Shokumotsu rensa]


奴隷国家は右へ倣え うだる桜
致死量のsadness 酸化したmother 
迷い子とchemical 熱帯雨林とoral sex
生態系を消毒せよ 穢れドレス
召しませ、僕の憎悪 召しませ、japanese monkey
ロジカルなdriving 面影をshowcase 
蛆虫はallergy 有機生命frustrate
in the dark, 胎児 規制 感度 迷路
in the dark, 豪雨 呼吸 思想 排卵
連鎖する灰と肉片の残像 頸動脈からシチリアヘ 
すべて抹殺せよ すべて抹殺せよ
in the dark, 粘膜 焦点 太陽 不能
in the dark, 失意 洪水 理性 解体
bye-bye 権力者達よ、血を流してみなよ 
this town is burning

Shokumotsu rensa

Yotsu ashi no mushikera wo moshita omae
Dorei kokka wa migi e narae udaru sakura
Chishiryou no sadness sanka shita mother 
Mayoiko to chemical nettai urin to oral sex
Amerika de haisetsu sareta kaineko 
Seitaikei wo shoudoku seyo kegare doresu
Meshimase, boku no zouo meshimase, japanese monkey
Rojikaru na driving omokage wo showcase 
Ujimushi wa allergy yuuki seimei frustrate
in the dark, daiji kisei kando meiro
in the dark, gouu kokyuu shisou hairan
Rensa suru hai to nikuhen no zanzou keidoukyaku kara Shichiria e 
Subete massatu seyo subete massatsu seyo
in the dark, nenmaku shouten taiyou funou
in the dark, shitsui kouzui risei kaitai
bye-bye kenryokushatachi yo, chi wo nagashite mina yo 
this town is burning

Food Chain

You imitated a four-legged insect
Enslaved countries follow suit Seething sakura
A lethal dose of sadness Oxidizing mother 
A lost child and chemical Oral sex with a tropical forest
A pet cat excreted by America
Sterilize the ecosystem! A tainted dress
Call! my hatred Call! japanese monkey
Logical driving A showcase of vestige 
Maggot allergy Organic life frustrate
in the dark, embryos regulations sensitivity a labyrinth
in the dark, downpour breath ideas ovulation
The afterimage of chained ashes and a piece of meat From a carotid artery to Sicily 
Erase everything!  Erase everything! 
in the dark, mucous membranes a focal point the sun incompetency
in the dark, despair a flood reason dismantling
bye-bye Hey, powerful people, just try to spill blood!
this town is burning

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