Tuesday, April 9, 2013

lynch.: melt


ああ 孤独とパラソル広げて舞い踊る猫
妖艶に 愛を暗い死を唄う
さあ カルテを始めよう ビリビリ痺れちゃうやつを
妖艶に ア一プレイミイ

腫れ上がるアンビシャス 潮を噴く老婆

ああ 四つ足で歩くかわれたがりの女の子
妖艶に ア一プレイミイ

燃えあがるアンビシャス 喉へ奥深く

内緒にしないでよ ねえ
もう少し傍に来てよ ねえ

もうすこし傍に居てよ ねえ
 you must bite me thought the night, and surrender your hopeness.


Aa kodoku to parasoru hirogete maiodoru neko
Youen ni ai wo kurai shi wo utau
Saa karuto wo hajimeyou biribiri shibirechay yatsu wo
Youen ni aa purei mii

Hareagaru anbishasu shio wo fuku rouba
Waraeru made

Aa yotsu ashi de aruku kawaretagari no onna no ko
Youen ni aa purei mii

Moeagaru anbishasu nodo e okufukaku
Kanaeru made

Naisho ni shinai de yo nee
Dokoka e kiete shimau nara
Mou sukoshi soba ni kite yo nee
Itsuka wa kiete shimau kara

Mou sukoshi soba ni ite yo nee
Itsuka wa kiete shimau keredo

you must bite me thought the night, and surrender your hopeness.


Ah A cat dancing wildly in solitude with an opened parasol
Bewitchingly she sings of  love, of dark death
Come let's start a cult One that goes numb with a shock
Bewitchingly Ah, play me

Swelling ambition An old woman who spouts the tides
Until she can laugh

Ah A girl walking on all fours who wants to be able to change
Bewitchingly Ah, play me

Burning-up ambition Deep in the throat
Until it can come true

Don't do it in secret hey
If you'll disappear completely somewhere
Then come a little closer to my side  hey
Since I'll disappear completely someday
Stay by my side a little longer hey
I'll disappear completely someday but

you must bite me thought the night, and surrender your hopeness.


  1. Hello~! Sorry to bother but... Would you mind telling me what phrase Reo says after the first verse? I believe it's something like "I want to die"...? Thanks in advantage! And your blog is very nice and useful ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, the backup vocals aren't in the lyric book so there's no way to be sure... and I have no idea, myself, what he's saying. D: