Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kani Menma no Bangyaru Manga: [4 panel] Status Report

We're taking a break from lyrics to bring you a translation of a comic from Kani Menma's Bangyaru Manga! This series is absolutely amazing; it's all about life as a bangyaru (a VK fan).

To support the original work, I'm just posting text translation here! You can read the original comic at the link below. Open the comic beside this window and enjoy!

[4 panel] Status Report

Panel 1
[Cheki* 500 yen]
The other day I bought the first cheki of my life
"I wonder if I should just pull one to celebrate"
"My beginner's luck is awesome so I'll pull a rare one and one get obsessed..."

Panel 2
'Huh... it's pretty normal...'
"Wahh, it's signed, yesss!"

Panel 3
"...Excuse me, can I just try one more?"
"Sure, here you are"
"Ex...cuse me, it figures, one more..."
"Sure, here you are"
"...Excuse me, one mo... [and so on]"

Panel 4
Even though it's not beginner's luck, I was obsessed

* cheki - Tiny Polaroids of band members sold at lives. These are usually chosen by the customer at random so the photo you get is up to chance.

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