Monday, September 3, 2012

Kani Menma no Bangyaru Manga: [4 panel] Reading Comprehension

We're taking a break from lyrics to bring you a translation of a comic from Kani Menma's Bangyaru Manga! This series is absolutely amazing; it's all about life as a bangyaru (a VK fan).

To support the original work, I'm just posting text translation here! You can read the original comic at the link below. Open the comic beside this window and enjoy!

[4 panel] Reading Comprehension

Panel 1
After buying cheki*
Maybe I went overboard
I started to want to go to an in-store**

Panel 2
XX Month XX Day (Sat)
A handshake event has been decided for Shinjuku's Like an edison***!

Panel 3
[About participation] Like an edison

When you purchase any two among the limited edition A-type, B-type, C-type, D-type, and Like an edison original type, along with either the A-type or B-type DVD at the same time at the Shinjuku store,  if the number of the enclosed lottery ticket is a winner, at the goods delivery meet (morning, noon, or night for complete goods delivery) you will get a 5-shot**** with the members and be able to participate in the handshake event. (Participation is limited to three handshake event participation tickets.)  Please understand in advance that you cannot participate in the handshake event multiple times with one event participation ticket...  Because there is a limited number of goods, in the case that they sell out, tickets will also cease. Please understa...

Panel 4
No matter how many times I read it, I don't get it
 'I only understand that it costs tons of money...'

* cheki - Tiny Polaroids of band members sold at lives.
** In-store - "In-store event", where bands will hold a kind of Q&A session at a CD shop where fans can go and watch and participate in different activities held at the event.
*** Like an edison - One of such CD shops.
**** 5-shot - A photograph of five people together (4 band members + 1 fan, in this case).

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